Find Out More About A Filibuster

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On the night of June, 25, 2013 in Austin, Texas, state senator Wendy Davis, a democrat from Fort Worth, attempted a thirteen hour filibuster of Senate Bill 5, a bill that would cripple abortion clinics across the state.  In her thirteen hours of speaking, she was not allowed to lean, eat, use the bathroom, or speak about anything irrelevant to the bill.  She lasted until 10:03 pm, when a point of order called by a republican senator ended her eleven hour campaign.  The process to appeal her third strike, placed by the other republicans in...

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Studying Law in Australia as a Canadian Student

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Studying law in Australia is an excellent way to gain both a first-class education and international experience. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of Canadian students coming to Australia to complete either their LLB or JD qualification. Studying a law degree overseas can broaden your perspective on international law and experience abroad is something employers are welcome to see on a resume. However, before embarking on any degree, you’ll need to know exactly what to expect, what requirements will need to be...

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All about Joint Custody Laws

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The last thing you want to be heading into a joint custody suit is ill-prepared. Part of preparing yourself for a child custody agreement is reading up on everything you can. Whether it’s going to be a long, stressful battle or a short one, you would be best served by informing yourself on all things related to joint custody, both past and present. Joint Custody in the Past Many laws in the United States are rooted England’s legal system-and rightfully so, as we were once a colony of England. Therefore, in order to understand law...

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5 things you didn’t know about divorce

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The stat that 1 in 3 marriages end in divorce is so widely cited that nobody even thinks to question the truth of it. However, figures actually suggest that around 42% of marriages in England and Wales will end in divorce. These are a few more facts about marriage you might not know. Divorce is more common among monarchs than Prime Ministers There has only ever been one British Prime Minister who had a divorce – Anthony Eden, who divorced before holding power from April 1955 until January 1957. While the leading politicians of the land...

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The Real Benefits Of Registering A Trademark

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Running a business, no matter what size, is always accompanied by things to worry about. One of the biggest problems one will face is competitors or any other business reaping benefits from the goodwill and reputation you created for your company. Registering a trademark will help you solve that so that you can concentrate on maximizing your profits and continue keeping your business empire growing. How Can Registering a Trademark Benefit You? The first real benefit is that you get to legally and rightfully use the encircled R symbol. This...

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Online Reputation Management in Canada

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Online reputation management has become more important than ever these days. Legally it can be hard to tell what to do when someone tries to smear your name or business on the internet. I’ve had a lot of experience helping people and businesses manage their online reputation, so read on for my tips on what to do if you need help. What can you do legally? This really depends on the infringement. If it is over something that you own a trademark over or if it is copyright infringement then you may be able to issue a DMCA take-down letter....

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What Does The Law Say About Trolling?

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“In Internet slang, a troll (pron.: /trol/, /trl/) is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.” – Wikipedia Although some trolling may be harmless, there are times when some activities are clearly illegal. This is particularly true where messages move from general abuse to harassment of a specific individual. Here...

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What to Expect with a Second DWI Violation

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Police can stop you if they have probable cause for suspecting you are impaired by alcohol or drugs. These suspicions could be because they saw you drifting off the road, weaving in and out of lanes, driving into oncoming traffic, and speeding up and slowing down. Once the officer pulls you over he has reason to make arrest if he smells alcohol on your breath, hears your slurring words, sees red, glassy eyes, and gets fail a field sobriety test. A second DWI offense is a Class A Misdemeanor. Penalties become tougher on the second offense. This...

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Paralegal Programs Online

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If you are interested in pursuing a career as a paralegal, you first must figure out the best way to go about it. The first step is to understand the qualifications that are required of a paralegal and the different options that are available to obtain these qualifications. Education While there are some places that will hire and train paralegals on the job, this is very minimal. Most law firms will require a paralegal hired to work at their firm to have at least an associate’s degree, preferably in paralegal studies. The good news is...

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7 Warning Signs When Selecting an Expert Witness

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A strong CV and relevant professional experience no longer makes an individual a great expert witness. Like it or not, technology has made finding the right specialized witness a lot more complicated. Specialists, and their participation in significant cases, are vital to an attorney’s success… or failure. A minor mistake made while selecting can cause serious problems to an otherwise solid case. Delays in finding a replacement candidate can cost attorneys valuable time and resources. Selecting the right expert the first time...

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